Episode #57 – Bomb Squad

Work against the clock to program your robot and diffuse the bombs before they detonate. This is a fast-paced deduction game based on the Hanabi system.

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:23
Rules Overview – 5:38
Final Thoughts – 14:03
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Episode #56 – Steam Works

Grab some components and build crazy machines powered by Clockwork, Steam, an Electricity in this great worker placement euro.

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:06
Rules Overview – 4:28
Final Thoughts – 20:21
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Episode #55 – Gold Rush

Gold West is a great 2-4 player area control and resource management game where players are attempting to build the most profitable mining empire during the historic California gold rush!

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 0:56
Rules Overview – 3:55
Final Thoughts – 16:00

Episode #54 – Darkrock Ventures (Kickstarter Preview!)

Darkrock Ventures is a medium-weight dice-based worker placement game where each player controls a mining company hoping to strike it rich on a deep space asteroid. But difficult mining is not the only challenge that the miners face. Their is the ever present threat of alien invasion.

This video will give you a solid understanding of this game and help you decide whether it’s worth your kickstarter backing!

Episode #53 – 12 Realms

Clawlan takes a look at 12 Realms, a lighter-weight fantasy cooperative board game set in a fairy tale universe with characters like Robin Hood and Snow White. Players work together to save the realms from invading hoards of monsters and the powerful dark lords.

Kickstarter Preview: Dreams of Dystopia

Dive into this meaty deck-building game with a TWIST! What sets this game apart from others in the genre? Each card has 2 playable sides! One side represents demonic, the other divine! Will you create a righteous divine deck, an evil demonic deck or something in between? Build your deck complete with minions and weapons to pummel your opponent’s master into submission!

Kickstarter Link: Dreams of Dystopia

Dreams of Dystopia - The Deckbuilding Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Building an Adjustable Height Gaming Table Using UpLift!

I have suffered from lower back issues most of my life including herniated discs and arthritis. After suffering an episode that left me unable to get out of bed, I decided to make changes to the things that exacerbated my condition. One of the biggest contributors was the constant leaning over the gaming table. Here is my solution, and how it will work for you too.

Kickstarter Preview: Battle of the Bands World Tour Edition

Kickstarter Preview of a new 2-4 player card game where players strive to create the most famous band!

A Duel Betwixt Us

Strap on your codpiece and grab your straight razor, because you’ve been challenged to a duel! A Duel Betwixt Us is a hilarious 2 player card battle game where players mine ingots, build weapons, and duel their appointment in order to gain the most favor!

Golem Arcana Demo (Gencon 2014)

Golem Arcana is a digitally enhanced miniatures board game focused on armies of magical Golems, the Knights who master them, and the Ancient Ones they call upon for supernatural support. Though the Golem Arcana game mechanics are deep and sophisticated, the game moves quickly and remains accessible to a wide audience due to the TDI stylus and mobile app managing all of the mechanics and record keeping.

Players create armies including Golems, Knights, Ancient Ones, and Relics, seeking a combination of attributes and abilities to suit their individual play styles or tactical preferences. While the Golems and Relics are represented by physical game pieces and cards, the Golem Knights, Blood Knights, and Ancient Ones are digital units supplied through the app.

The Golems are your basic units, the body of the army itself. Relics are special equipment and constructs that can be carried into battle to help change the tide of war. A Golem Knight or Blood Knight is assigned to a specific Golem to customize its attributes or abilities through passive or active Knight abilities. Ancient Ones are assigned to the army as a whole, and provide powerful Blessings, Curses, and Miracles when the player “sacrifices” mana.

Players stage their selected armies on the game map formed by the terrain tiles, and engage in one of a number of possible scenarios, including Last Man Standing, King of the Hill, and Victory Points/Missions. Using a turn-based Action Point system, players maneuver their Golems, call down blessings and curses, and assault the enemy until one player emerges victorious!

The Base Game Set includes six modular, double-sided terrain tiles to form the board, six fully painted and assembled Golem figures (40mm+ tall) with corresponding Golem cards, a TDI stylus, two 10-sided dice, two Control Cards, and a Quickstart Rules and Lore book.

The Golem Arcana app, which is a free download, is pre-loaded with a starting set of digital units including: six Ancient Ones, four Blood Knights, and eight Golem Knights. Additional Knights and Ancient Ones will be available for purchase to further expand and customize the player’s army options.

In addition to the Base Game Set and Golem Arcana app, there are several expansions which will enhance a player’s strategy by introducing new golems for more varied army building, as well as allowing new tactical and performance options through Relic cards, game tokens, and additional terrain tiles.