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Episode #63 – Scoville: Labs

The first expansion for Scoville, Labs adds a pepper breeding laboratory for each player, where you can cross breed peppers that are off limits to other players!

Intro – 0:00
Rules Overview – 1:20
Final Thoughts – 5:48

Episode #62 – Scoville

Plant peppers and harvest new strains. Sel at the market and compete in the chili cookoff! Do you have what it takes to become a pepper maven?

Intro – 0:00
Rules Overview – 1:07
Final Thoughts – 13:49

Episode #61 – Elemental Clash: Tribal Packs

The latest additions to the fantastic Elemental Clash card combat game are individual Tribal packs! Each pack has a specific theme with abilities that play off each other to create awesome combos! Check these out!

Intro – 0:00
Beastfolk – 1:20
Sauroids – 3:52
Orcs – 5:32
Elementals – 7:10
Geldrons – 8:58
Abysslings – 11:53
Dwarves – 13:45
Albs – 16:14
Transformations Pack – 20:28
Final Thoughts – 22:50
Where to Purchase:

TP Abysslings:
TP Albs:
TP Beastfolk:
TP Dwarves:
TP Elementals:
TP Geldrons:
TP Orcs:
TP Sauroids:
Transformations Pack:
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Episode #60 – Flip City: Reuse

The first expansion for the unique deck builder Flip City introduces two new cards: Plumber Shop/Renewal Agency and Flea Market/Recycling Bin

Intro – 0:00
Rules Overview – 1:02
Final Thoughts – 4:20

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Episode #59 – Flip City

Flip City is a quick, medium-light weight deck builder where you acquire double-sided building cards and push your luck in an effort to build an 8 point city before your residents become too disgruntled!

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 2:08
Rules Overview – 4:11
Final Thoughts – 13:50
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Episode #58 – Battlecruisers

With nearly endless variety, players are all striving to gain either 15 victory points or destroy their opponents and remain the last one standing in this quick card game from the Eminent Domain universe.

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:04
Rules Overview – 3:00
Final Thoughts – 8:23
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Episode #57 – Bomb Squad

Work against the clock to program your robot and diffuse the bombs before they detonate. This is a fast-paced deduction game based on the Hanabi system.

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:23
Rules Overview – 5:38
Final Thoughts – 14:03
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Episode #56 – Steam Works

Grab some components and build crazy machines powered by Clockwork, Steam, an Electricity in this great worker placement euro.

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:06
Rules Overview – 4:28
Final Thoughts – 20:21
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Episode #55 – Gold Rush

Gold West is a great 2-4 player area control and resource management game where players are attempting to build the most profitable mining empire during the historic California gold rush!

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 0:56
Rules Overview – 3:55
Final Thoughts – 16:00

Episode #54 – Darkrock Ventures (Kickstarter Preview!)

Darkrock Ventures is a medium-weight dice-based worker placement game where each player controls a mining company hoping to strike it rich on a deep space asteroid. But difficult mining is not the only challenge that the miners face. Their is the ever present threat of alien invasion.

This video will give you a solid understanding of this game and help you decide whether it’s worth your kickstarter backing!