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An instant classic. Caylus is a medium-heavy worker placement and resource management board game centering around civilization building in 13th century France.


Review of the exceptional euro game, Trajan. Take a bunch of mini-games, slam them together with a pasted on theme, and you have some classic Feld goodness. Jax Nicole, our foster greyhound doesn’t seem to share my sentiments.

The Castles of Burgundy

You are a prince in 15th century France, attempting to build the most impressive estate. This is a great euro where you roll dice and complete actions using those dice. It is a must play for any euro gamer.

Tribune: Primus Inter Pares

Tribune is an excellent worker placement and card drafting game that has so many different paths to victory that it never gets old. Great components, great mechanics, variable game length options. This is a real winner!


Goa is one of my favorite euros. Great auction mechanic combined with extremely well balanced actions makes this one a real nail biter till the end