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Episode #56 – Steam Works

Grab some components and build crazy machines powered by Clockwork, Steam, an Electricity in this great worker placement euro.

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:06
Rules Overview – 4:28
Final Thoughts – 20:21
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Episode #54 – Darkrock Ventures (Kickstarter Preview!)

Darkrock Ventures is a medium-weight dice-based worker placement game where each player controls a mining company hoping to strike it rich on a deep space asteroid. But difficult mining is not the only challenge that the miners face. Their is the ever present threat of alien invasion.

This video will give you a solid understanding of this game and help you decide whether it’s worth your kickstarter backing!

Cruel Necessity: The English Civil Wars

The 3rd entry in John Welch’s Sates of Siege series is as excellent as you would expect. A wonderfully historic solitaire game that is very challenging, yet highly enjoyable. My favorite VPG solitaire to date!

– 1 player
– 120-180 minutes
– Designer: John Welch

Intro – 0:00
Rules Overview – 1:16
Final Thoughts – 26:30


One of my favorite card games, Innovation is a highly interactive and fast paced game with plenty of player conflict.

– 2-4 players
– 45-60 minutes
– Designer: Carl Chudyk

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:58
Rules Overview – 3:51
Final Thoughts – 14:56

Legends of Andor

A fun and challenging cooperative fantasy game where players are trying to complete legend objectives while preventing the castle from being overrun by monsters.

– 1-4 players
– 60-90 minutes
– Designers: Michael Menzel

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:33
Rules Overview – 4:44
Final Thoughts – 15:27

Alien Frontiers (iOS)

Review of the ipad implementation of popular board game Alien Frontiers


The quintessential auctioning board game

Dog Fight Starship Edition: Bright Edge (expansion)

This expansion introduces mission based campaigns as well as more cards to customize your ship decks and a new double sided map.

Dog Fight Starship Edition

An interesting melding of ccg style deckbuilding with hex and counter scifi dog fighting.

Alien Frontiers: Factions (expansion, unboxing)

Hot off the presses is the new Alien Frontiers: Factions expansion. Here is a relatively brief unboxing of what you get in that, the upgrade pack, and Faction Pack #1.