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Episode #59 – Flip City

Flip City is a quick, medium-light weight deck builder where you acquire double-sided building cards and push your luck in an effort to build an 8 point city before your residents become too disgruntled!

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 2:08
Rules Overview – 4:11
Final Thoughts – 13:50
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Episode #53 – 12 Realms

Clawlan takes a look at 12 Realms, a lighter-weight fantasy cooperative board game set in a fairy tale universe with characters like Robin Hood and Snow White. Players work together to save the realms from invading hoards of monsters and the powerful dark lords.

Cruel Necessity: The English Civil Wars

The 3rd entry in John Welch’s Sates of Siege series is as excellent as you would expect. A wonderfully historic solitaire game that is very challenging, yet highly enjoyable. My favorite VPG solitaire to date!

– 1 player
– 120-180 minutes
– Designer: John Welch

Intro – 0:00
Rules Overview – 1:16
Final Thoughts – 26:30

Legends of Andor

A fun and challenging cooperative fantasy game where players are trying to complete legend objectives while preventing the castle from being overrun by monsters.

– 1-4 players
– 60-90 minutes
– Designers: Michael Menzel

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 1:33
Rules Overview – 4:44
Final Thoughts – 15:27

RAF: The Battle Of Britain 1940

A phenomenal game from John Butterfield that includes 3 games in one. This demo and review surrounds RAF: Lion which is the British Solo variant.

D-Day Dice (unboxing)

Quick video of everything that came in the Kickstarter “Enlisted” level for D-Day Dice!

Malta Besieged: 1940-1942

A fun solitaire wargame from Victory Point Games that centers around the axis drive on Malta and north Africa during WW2.

Panzer General: Russian Assault

Panzer General: Russian Assault is a 1-2 player tactical WW2 wargame where the units are comprised of cards and the map is made of tiles. It is a medium-light weight wargame that takes about 60 minutes to complete per scenario.

Labyrinth: The War on Terror – Part 2