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Kickstarter Preview: Dreams of Dystopia

Dive into this meaty deck-building game with a TWIST! What sets this game apart from others in the genre? Each card has 2 playable sides! One side represents demonic, the other divine! Will you create a righteous divine deck, an evil demonic deck or something in between? Build your deck complete with minions and weapons to pummel your opponent’s master into submission!

Kickstarter Link: Dreams of Dystopia

Dreams of Dystopia - The Deckbuilding Game -- Kicktraq Mini

Elemental Clash: The Master Set

The new and improved, definitive version of Elemental Clash is finally here! With all new professional artwork, this game now looks as fantastic as it plays. Best part is it seamlessly integrates with past expansions!

– 2 players
– 20-30 minutes
– Designer: Andreas Propst

Intro – 0:00
Unboxing and Components – 3:16
Rules Overview – 6:36
Final Thoughts – 20:14

Crystal Clash: Light vs Darkness

A 2 player combat card game which pits the forces of dark against the forces of light.

Elemental Clash: Tribes (expansion)

Another strong expansion for the great Elemental Clash card game complete with a great mini expansion: Spellcasters.

Elemental Clash: Spellforce (expansion)

This 2nd full size expansion adds another 200+ cards and introduces Equip spells, ranged attacks, and the Salvage ability!

Elemental Clash: Underworld (expansion)

An excellent and very large expansion for the fantastic card game Elemental Clash. This expansion brings in a whole host of new cards and abilities and is a must have

Elemental Clash

A new take on the classic CCG style deck building game without having to buy boosters!